Live Stream Crowd-Sourced News

Using proprietary technology that gathers real-time news streams from social contributors in the community or i.reporters assigned by the publisher;  we source and distribute exclusive live streaming news and community- based feature stories to newspapers, magazines, online news sites and broadcasters from local communities worldwide. We’ve earned an enviable reputation for our hard-hitting real-life stories, original, quirky and cutting-edge content which are either sourced by our team of qualified mobile journalists , submitted by one of our growing number of loyal contributors or on behalf of one of the many reputable  community newspapers, or publishing houses who choose to syndicate through us. With our mobile-first news app, community newspapers can now empower their reporting staff with the capability to report live in HD, directly from their mobile device.

 In a moment when social media and print and TV are converging, we’re proud to provide a platform that fuses the experience of broadcasting and community news within a news hub designed for live streaming. The community live stream news network discovers local social news content worth sharing.


Harness The Power Of  The Community  ! 

Live Stream Community Network is the fast and intuitive live blogging platform for community news 


Live Stream Community news allows you to cover live events and breaking news in seconds with live streaming coverage from your community ireporters directly on your community newspaper site.  Now how's that for community news...
Local news , local insights


Cover live community events  and breaking news with ease 

Community Publishers Must Do More with Less...

John Appleton
Community Editor

"The Challenge"

As the media landscape continues to evolve,  community publishers are under pressure to do more with less and find new ways to monetize their audience. A great tool that we ultimately control.

Jane Nicalbe
Community ireporter

"Perfect Solution"

Blogcast News Blog helps media organizations drive new business opportunities by equipping them with the content they need to better engage their audience, deliver fresh approaches to storytelling, and garner a sense of community.

Low-cost Content

Use our Community live stream news to easily enable your entire staff of reporters to broadcast live HD video without any hardware costs.

Increased Eyeballs and Revenue

Provide your users with exclusive and engaging real-time content while increasing advertising and other revenue opportunities.

Involve your Audience

Create more user generated content by allowing your readers  to report on news themselves via your i.reporter dashboard.

Roll-out with ease

Community live stream news can be rolled-out quickly and easily within your organization. It’s ready to use once you’ve set up your account dashboard.

First to the Scene

Capture live video and photo coverage at a moment’s notice. All your reporting staff needs is their mobile phone in their pocket to break exclusive news first.

Lose the Satellite Truck

Now it’s possible to send a one-person news team to any location and any event  without the need for expensive hardware or vehicles..

Start Your Coverage In Seconds

Community live stream news is like a content factory that pumps out engagement 24/7. Breaking news? Name your news widget, assign your team of i- reporters to contribute  content.  Copy the link of their campaign into your news widget. That’s it. Nothing to download, nothing to configure.

Engage The Community. 

Real time coverage? Multi-reporter feature lets you incorporate direct feedback in real time – including eyewitness reports from several sources. Inform your readers as the story evolves. Engage and invite your community to share their content and tell unique stories.

Live community news straight from your pocket!

You want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of community  coverage of the stories that matters  to them. iReporters are often the first people on the scene at town halls, fires, store openings and other breaking news situations. They also offer a unique perspective because they’re not just reporting on the story, they’re living it. Those personal stories add depth and emotion to community news perspectives. Take advantage of it.

Find New Revenue Streams in Your Content

“The ability for in-stream ads where you can distribute local ads even when it's a  national live event … is a very appealing as well as an instant revenue opportunity.”

Repackage Your Content

Use a variety of topics and resources to create effective content that can be repurposed and republished for sponsorship opportunities.

In-line Advertising

Your content is rife with new revenue opportunities. Leverage your content’s authority to integrate in-line ads or sponsored messages.

Content Syndication

Reach new audiences by syndicating your content to a network of  local and leading media and blog publishers.

Community live stream news is a community blogging platform for moment-by-moment live coverage of breaking news, made for professional  community journalists. Give your readers minute-by-minute updates with all types of social and rich media snippets. On site, on the ground, in real time.

Community live stream news platform is built by journalists for journalists

Made for community newspapers

Work with ireporters in your community on assignments that matter to your neighbors. 

Easy to Integrate

Community live stream news integrates effortlessly with any existing community website. Simply paste the code and start spreading the news.

Streamline Your Editorial Process

Make it easy for multiple community journalists to contribute to the same story with collaboration and resource management tools.

Bring your breaking news or vertical coverage to life with unique, engaging content experiences.





  • Community live stream news  widget Is  Free To Any Community Newspaper.

    Live breaking news can happen at any time – get your Live news widget started today!
  •  Want To Monitize The News ? Add The Native Ad Module 

    Since live community news requires a human  form of reporting, with at least one or more i reporters needed to cover an event and curate all social media content at the same time, it’s important to get the most value out of your live news coverage.
    With Community live stream news,  including ads in your news widget is easy. You can either add an advertisement zone from your ad provider into a post and publish it to the news event  or create a native advertising consisting of text, image and a link target. This is also a feature we’d like to get your feedback on, since we are already working on a more elaborate ad management interface.

    Expand Your Coverage With Social Video

    Curate content streams from leading media and brand publishers for events you’re not able to cover directly.
    Everyone loves video. Now with increased engagement and views, your video content  productivity can escalate by 100, 200, 300% by simply using  Social Pro! It’s never been easier!

    Get started?

How To Do Live Coverage  In Four Easy Steps With Community Live Stream News.

Find and curate any Facebook live stream or create your own Live Event 
Simply copy and paste the url of the live event into your dashboard

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

This Is Your New Title

Assign your Facebook Live stream to your content hub. You are live on any site.

Syndicate your broadcast to unlimited social media sites, blogs or sites...
Its that simple!

Schedule a tour to see how Blogcast  can help your content succeed predictably.

Isn't It Time For You To Cash In On Live Events with Community live stream news. Drive Thousands Of Targeted, Engaged ORGANIC (yes, free traffic) Fans To Your SITES. Here Are Examples of High-Traffic Sites That Use Other Peoples' Videos As Content To Build Traffic...

Like Having A Remote Satellite Truck In Your Pocket.

Empower your reporting staff with the capability to report live in HD, directly from their mobile device.

Community Journalism, Reimagined...

It'sBecause Life tells the best stories...   

News media is a fiercely competitive industry for community news publishers who need to compete for acquiring new readers, grabbing their attention, and retaining them.   


New technologies have created a  new generation of storytellers, and a new type of local news. Live Community News Network lets your readers see past the written story, and witness local news stories in the making, live as it unfolds.


Community newspapers no longer just deliver news.  With this new technology, community news can now promise their audience a live broadcast from wherever something happens, whenever it happens in your neighborhood.


Tap into the VIRAL nature of "Live" social media traffic on your own site.


Go Live to engage your followers and grow your audience in new ways. Become an authority in any niche by going live yourself. Then enjoy an instant boost in traffic when your video is syndicated to unlimited sites.


Find hundreds of live streams here on FB  or here on YouTube, and use ANY link to ANY public live video you find online to broadcast valuable social signals from around the world on your site or blog.




We know video drives the majority of traffic today, and a lot of that video is viewed on social media. Share any live stream direct from your site to your social  network.


Top 3 reasons why Blogcast will work for your

community newspaper!

  •  Reach communitiy  readers in search of verified community  journalism  in real time.

  • It's friendly enough for complete beginners, but grows with you …  Facebook realizes live streaming video is at the forefront of market domination. So now you can instantly go live directly on your own site or to an unlimited number sites.
  • Build a community base of freelance journalist that can become the eyes and ears of community news. 

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Get started?


Wait, There's More... 

You will not only get Syndicate Live news blog, but all these things too...

Equip your freelancers with a branded app that they can use to feed live news into the editorial hub. Readers get notified when new content is added to your live blog.

True story: 92% of people opt-in to receive push messages from Facebook. This means that over half of your user base is open to receiving messages that interest them, even when they are not on Facebook.  Sending out timely, personalized push messaging automatically,  whenever you post a live show on your site, is  an excellent way to re-engage your visitors “pushing” them back to your site or blog. 2017 is the year interactive live content grows up and enters the diverse toolbox of content marketers everywhere.

Supported Live Verticals -Locally sourced

  • Auto
  • Employment
  • SMB
  • Real Estate
  • Classified
  • Obituaries
  • Restaurant -Food -Local Recipes
  • Weddings

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