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Because Collaborative Live Streaming Is The New Word-Of Mouth Marketing Powered By The Community

Build a thriving social community around your own brand or next event using word-of mouth "Live Streaming Marketing". We’re bringing innovation, stories, experiences, and fresh thinking to community building and your next event.

Come For The Community... Stay For The Events.

The one marketing tool powered by your community events. Creating better event experiences boost your brand with authentic social referrals.


The Power Of Word-Of Mouth

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising


Turn your community attendees into your best marketers - socially!

33% of event attendees take either a video or photo during an event.


Harness the power of the crowd.

79% of brands surveyed said that the ability to create a more authentic connection with audiences was the number 1 benefit of live streaming an event which eventually leads to more sales, more audience interaction and increases brand awareness.


Increased revenue potential abounds.

Not only have 36% of people who have watched a live stream event considered attending the following year; but most when asked why, stated that watching the live stream brought a human element to the brands digital marketing (63%).

Events such as concerts, public performances or weddings have one thing in common: Virtually everybody’s taking pictures, so why not make sharing and printing the memories… contagiously simple and fun.

Life is collaborative. Now your event’s photo memories are too. offers a suite of highly engaging tools and personalization options to provide your events’ guests with a truly special collaborative experience. It allows guests, fans and followers to contribute candid, authentic moments onto a big screen then instantly print a branded “event takeaway”, (without guest having to download another app on their phone). Great events deserve to be remembered…


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Make The Story Even Bigger

Turn live stream moments into authentic word of mouth stories worth sharing for brands, events and causes.