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Let's start by gathering all those photos that will create your event's story, starting today.

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When we said easy set-up, we mean ...EASY SET-UP

Let's start with adding some photo content to your event.

If your event has a Facebook page, we can start by uploading some photos from there. No FB page, no worries, maybe you already have a #hashtag connected to your event? We can use that Instagram or Twitter account to add content. No Facebook page Instagram or Twitter? Well let’s set-up in demo mode for now, and we can start by uploading some real time photos from your mobile phone, no app download required. Once you decide to upgrade your event photo wall, you will be able to customize your event wall your way. Add additional social media feeds to your wall as well as video messages ...display your wall on a big screen and allow guest to upload and print out branded takeaways from your event. Allow the crowd to stream live on your wall, with our Go Live app. Your event story has just begun...

Create an event wall that scales to fit your event's needs.

Easy Sign-up, No Catch.

Let's start select a user name and password for your account, then decide what social feed you want to upload to the wall live. Remember, if you don't have a dedicated FB Page or Instagram hashtag for the event, leave the default to demo mode.

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