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Here are some things you should consider before your event:

1. Request a display at your venue. A projector and screen is best, a TV will do. The bigger the better.
2. Ask to have the display be setup in a high traffic area like the dance floor or bar area.
3. Check to see if the venue has WiFi.
Using a Laptop to run the Photo Display wall
Follow these steps:

1.Turn on the projector or TV and select the correct video input
2.Connect your computer to the venue WiFi
3.Connect your computer to the display (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
4.Go to in a browser
5. Login to your event host account dashboard. Go to My Events
6.Click the Display Wall link

Press the “ f ” key to enter full-screen mode
Enjoy the photos

For best results use the Chrome browser.

Make sure you have your screensaver turned off so that it doesn't interrupt the Display wall
Fotogramz is a one time set-up on the laptop that is connected to your printer. Once you set Fotogramz studio, you can se any printer you choose, although a photo printer is always best. See which printer I should use for some recommendations.
1. Login to your event host dashboard.

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