Create an event in under 2 minutes.

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Once you create an event you can

1. View an online photo album

2. Set up your Free Fotogramz printing account

3. Launch the social photo wall display

4. Text the generated event code

5. Start uploading photos from your phone (no app required) and see them appear on the photo wall in seconds

6. Print the best memories directly from your mobile phone

Step up from uploading photos to broadcasting Live video on screen.

Any guest can simply download our Go Live app (iphone or Android), enter their email and start their live broadcast for everyone to enjoy.

Your Guest, Your Event, Your Social Photo Wall...Your Way

From your event dashboard you have 100% control of your display screen and what is seen. Choose from our automatic A.I filters or opt for the human touch with your very own gatekeeper assigned to monitor the event wall, so you don't have to.

Collaborative experiences built around an event are much more likely to create authentic word -of -mouth. Use the wisdom of the crowd's perspective to create the events buzz. "Because life tells the best stories".

Our Goal

Capture every moment at an event that would have been missed forever, impossible to reproduce from only one photo booth machine or camera angle. Create an everlasting visual story of your event that is truly social with event memories seen through your guests' eyes. Capture every moment that matters, at every angle with any cell phone or camera. Then share and showcase them on the big screen allowing your guest to print out their own memories of the event from the many perspectives.

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Turn live stream moments into authentic word of mouth stories worth sharing for brands, events and causes.