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What is Syndicate Social Pro ?

A powerful new way for anyone to grow an audience and sell more stuff !

Syndicate Social Pro

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'If you want the FREEDOM monetizing your blog can provide... you're about to discover EXACTLY how to make that happen! .

Choose from hundreds of social viral videos contributed by top content contributors in the blogosphere from around the world to make your own professional looking content recommendation hub in minutes. Then easily monetize your authority recommendations. It’s enterprise-level technology made simple for everyone. Scale on demand for any niche. Your ABSOLUTE FIRST priority should always be generating great content that draws readers in and makes them want to come back.

Easily Monetize Your Blog In One Click.  Here's How! Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Many bloggers are not yet monetizing their sites because they feel they do not have enough traffic yet. But with the Syndicate Social Pro you can monetize anytime with the built in  Amazon Partner Module. Affiliate marketing is simply directing readers to a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sale (or other action) when it occurs. And that  is extremely  simple using Syndicate Social Pro.

  • Turn on the monetization settings by adding your Amazon affiliate id into your account dashboard.
  • Choose a product video review that fits your niche.
  • Instantly an appropriate amazon product ad is added as an overlay  to the  video.
  • You get paid for that product recommendation each time someone purchases the product. 

A  recommended video review  is a logical place to promote  a relevant product  suggestions without compromising the integrity of your blogs content.

 Turn your sites content  into a money- making ecommerce machine...

The Amazon Associates Program is particularly great if you want to advertise products in your niche. For example, if you have a productivity blog, you could advertise daily planners or organizational tools. Being an ecommerce affiliate means you don’t need to stock products, worry about payment processors, or do any kind of order fulfillment - get paid when people click and buy through your affiliate links instead! Visitors use your recommended video review content with a relevant amazon referral link to buy things they were going to buy anyway, and you get paid and become a trusted source and authority in your niche. How cool is that !


Syndicate Social Pro  also allows you to recommend a product  or service  you’ve used , truly believe in it, and personally recommend  to your audience. Not in a banner ad or somewhere that says “recommended resources,” but within your content hub, as part of your life and strategy for whatever it is you’re talking about. The product almost becomes something people “have to have,” because it’s part of the process.
It’s your involvement and experience with the product that makes that offer so attractive.

Syndicate Social Pro

$197.00 Year 

 Save $100.00 

Launch Special

Now Only $67.00/ year

One-Time Payment.
No Monthly Contracts.

SYNDICATE PRO LITE Allows You To Become A Social Content Broadcaster Making It Easy To Build A Network Of Blog Partners.

According to one source, there are more than 152 million blogs… Most of these blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those blogs are, for lack of a better word, failures. 98% of these blogs are looking for a solution to build traffic, monetize their blog, and create viral content. Syndicate Social Pro is the “one tool ” that every blog will happily use ...and once they use it just once- you have a recurring partner for the life of that blog ... Syndicating online video content to your growing network, presents a huge opportunity for you to add tremendous value to your brand, whether you overall goal is increasing conversions, improving brand confidence or simply to show you care. Now how simple is that!

Churn Out Video Snippets Your Network Will Love In 10 minutes per day

Building a personal  online blog network provides you an excellent window to showcase your products or services to a larger audience. So how can you successfully manage multiple blogs  and post  great content on all of them? With Syndicate Social Lite. You’ll be able to brand your portal, harness built-in SEO expertise, quickly publish to social channels, stream live events, and expand your reach with trending  video content  that plays everywhere.

How to Create a Private Blog Network (PBN) that Google Loves?

Create a community of people  that will use you as an authority to provide them content the payoff is large and long-lasting. Say hello to an all-in-one video marketing solution. Easily tap into the power of video to build your brand, grow leads, drive conversion, earn customer loyalty—and make yourself look great in the process.

If you want to stand out in a world where 27 million pieces of content are published every day, you’re going to need to step up your game. Easy to launch. Easy to maintain. Syndicate Social Lite's  user-friendly interface, SaaS hosting, and integration with the Syndicate Main database means you can provide the latest video content  to your network from  all over the web in less than 15 minutes and update it without any technical resources.


Solve the three biggest problems all bloggers have!

Time-Waster #1: Creating Too Much Content

When I asked bloggers, “How do you spend time on your blog?”, they said “I spend about 80-90% of my time on creating content.”

This makes ZERO sense.

Here’s the deal: When you run a blog that has a few readers, adding more of the same tired text  content doesn’t help you get more readers.

Time-Waster #2: Promoting Their  Content The Wrong Way

When I talk to people, and I ask them “How do you currently try to get your name out there?” Here’s what they say:

“Okay, so I publish an article, then I share it on Twitter, Facebook, and my other social media networks.”

Newsflash: Sharing your content to your small (and inactive) social media accounts ISN’T PROMOTION. And doing it regularly is often a waste of time

Time-Waster #3: Creating a “Me Too” Blog

If you want a bigger audience , you’ve got to create a blog that warrants it.

And the sad truth is, most blogs out there don’t warrant it.

Most blogs, in fact, are what I call “Me Too” blogs. They say the same things as everyone else… and nobody cares.



Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Now that I walked you through the reasons behind why blogs fail, and the big 3 time-wasters that cause that failure, you’ve got ONE goal:

Provide  a real content solution for  the 152 million blogs on the web...


 The easiest way to get an audience for your blog is to recommend  video  based content that keeps them coming back for more ... then monetize your traffic. Simple.

How do you get started?


Syndicate Social Pro

$197.00 Year 

 Save $100.00 

Launch Special

Now Only $67.00/ year

One-Time Payment.
No Monthly Contracts.

Introducing the Syndicate Social Pro, the first content marketing automation software built for amplifying and monetizing blogs in minutes.

Syndicate Social Pro puts creating valuable, engaging and meaningful video well within your grasp. And by taking a step back and aligning your business goals with your network audience wants and needs, you can add tremendous value to your brand.

Post better content and monetize it faster..

  • Curate. Promote And Monetize Viral Content On Any Blog In Minutes.
  • Let our smart calendar visualize your objectives and guide your content plan.
  • You can generate more traffic using built in push notification.
  • Stand Out Online. Leverage technology that makes it easier for you to share viral content , just like Buzzfeed across all your social channels to broaden your brand exposure.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Become An Influencer

Create a network of  blog  subaccounts that you can recommend too. 


Deliver suggested video blog posts,  and even  branded sponsored content to the stable of blogs you bring into your network for free.  Push audiences back to the source of the content... YOUR SITE from content recommendations you provide to your tribe from “Around the web”. 

Ready? There is no better time than now. Let’s go!

The Syndicate Social Pro Factory pumps out  content 24/7.

Right now, 100 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter per minute. It’s no secret that the use of video in blog content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. So how do you weed out the junk from the quality content? The best bet, of course, is a recommendation by another human who has seen a video and liked it. Syndicate Social Pro provides your blog with the best viral video content on the social web...as it is trending.

Push Notification Keeps Them Coming Back For More

True story: 92% of people opt-in to receive push messages from Facebook. This means that over half of your user base is open to receiving message that interest them, even when they are not on Facebook.  Sending out timely, personalized push messaging from Syndicate Social Pro to your entire network each time you recommend content  is  an excellent way to re-engage your fans and push your brand as the authority , the influencer in that niche.  



Start getting your first 100 visitors to your blog TODAY

10 emails over 2 weeks. Simple assignments you can apply TODAY. Practical advice without the hype. A proven strategy used by hundreds of others we’ve trained.

Oh, and a real person - ME - will reply to your call and help you.

Ready? There is no better time than now. Let’s go!

Wait, There's More... One click Traffic Builder  shares  viral content to your Facebook ,Twitter  or any social media platform,  then redirects the traffic back to your blog automatically  ...now how simple is that !

Some statistics. Around 74% of the traffic that the internet receives will come from video content.

For the modern audience with a waning attention span, video-based content is often considered to be more entertaining, easier to grasp, and engaging enough to hold our interest for more than a couple of seconds.

What They Are Saying ...

John Appleton
Beta user.

"I'm Amazed"

My biggest struggle before using the authority widget was that I was writing frequently, but never really connecting with my followers… Now that I have added the authority widget to my blog, I feel that I have  total audience engagement on my blog.

Jane Nicalbe

"Perfect Solution"

The push notification was fantastic... I immediately saw the traffic spike...I used the sharing feature to update my Facebook  twice a day and each click drove them back to my blog ...

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