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Syndicate Social Is Eye Glue For Your Website And Blog...

Web marketers, business owners, affiliates, bloggers and entrepreneurs already know the key to success this year and beyond Video CONTENT

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Syndicate Social

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"Syndicate Social is a website widget that drives web traffic by delivering quality, easily consumable video based content, on a regular basis in any niche on autopilot."

Easily recommend content your readers will love from all around the web

Choose from hundreds of social viral videos contributed by top content contributors in the blogosphere from around the world
 to make your own professional looking content recommendation hub in minutes.  It’s enterprise-level technology made simple for everyone. Scale on demand for any niche.


Syndicate Social Is Like Having Your Own Private Video Content Factory 

Quickly Crank Out Share-Worthy, Clickable Viral Blog Content From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube And Over 25  Other Viral Video Sites That Your Readers Will Love. Drives Traffic & Generates That Social Proof  Authority In Any Niche.  

Your ABSOLUTE FIRST priority if you have a blog or website should always be generating great content that draws readers in and makes them want to come back.

  • We Have That Covered 

 Simply assign a recommended video content hub into your next post or on your blog page for always fresh trending news.  Active the built in scheduler for a  set it and forget it content calendar that delivers content suggestions months in advance.   

  • Receive Notifications Whenever New Content Is Added To The Network In Real Time. Always Fresh, Always Viral

Syndicate Social Is The New Blog 3.0. Imagine if, instead of just blogging by yourself, you joined a community of content collaborators?

  • In addition to this powerful, "copy and paste" software, you'll also get step by step training  to make sure you succeed.


Syndicate Social

ONLY - $9.99/ Month (Cancel Anytime)

After the launch this price will double.


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    "Churning out engaging, original content is hard, time-consuming, and draining..."

    But what if you could leverage the  hottest content already out there?  And make it work for you, and your business?


Power your own traffic and lead machine?

Let Syndicate Social  content contributors scour the digital world for the most powerful viral videos your audience wants to see in any niche  24/7. 

Syndicate Social

ONLY - $9.99/ Month (Cancel Anytime)

After the launch this price will double.

The most sophisticated video curation software for Internet Marketers, Blogs and Influencers. Master content and your traffic woes are over...

Ignore the gurus - content marketing is deceptively simple. It’s about creating the right messages and putting it in front of the right people. Get your message discovered and drive traffic. With its intuitive design and simple UI you will able to create a content recommendation hub packed with social viral video content with ease. Content attracts “potential customers” ...Content builds trust, authority, and good-will...Content is the main way that you (and your customers) discover new brands, right? (including yours - and your competitors). The only problem is…"Churning out engaging, original content is hard, time-consuming, and draining..." Syndicate social is the solution.

Put Syndicate Social to work immediately and become a social influencer overnight in any niche.

The engagement you get on videos can be up to 10 fold when compared to traditional texted based content. Discover content that's trending and post a preview it on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram to drive traffic back to your site or blog to watch the full video. This technique just flat out works.


Examples of High-Traffic Sites That Use Other Peoples' Videos...

The Next Big Thing

According to statistics, around 74% of the traffic that the internet receives will come from Live streaming video.

For the modern audience with a waning attention span, video-based content is often considered to be more entertaining, easier to grasp, and engaging enough to hold our interest for more than a couple of seconds.

And if you want to stand out in a world where 27 million pieces of content are published every day, you’re going to need to step up your game.

Introducing Syndicate Social, the first content marketing automation software built for everyone

Curate better content. Do it faster..

  • Plan. Promote. Audit. All your content in one place.
  • Let your smart calendar visualize your objectives and guide your content plan.
  • You can generate more traffic.
  • Stand Out Online. Leverage technology that makes it easier, and share it across social and digital channels to broaden your professional exposure.

Click this we will do the rest

Syndicate Social 

$47/ Month 

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Syndicate Social

ONLY - $9.99/ Month (Cancel Anytime)

After the launch this price will double.

Launch Price Only !

Syndicate Social

$197 / Lifetime

Regular Pricing not available 

Increase your sales and leads from Content Marketing WITHOUT creating more content yourself... 

A Great Content Discovery Platform. Content Curation Made Easy

  • content promotion

    Content marketing is different these days.

    You used to be able to publish blog posts on just about anything, and you’d get at least some traffic.

    But now, you won’t get any.

    Content creation levels are at an all time high as more and more marketers start to understand how effective it can be.

    Now, if you want to really succeed, you need to do two things.

    First, you need to create truly great content—there’s just no way around it any more.

    Secondly, you need to promote it. Syndicate Social let's you do both...

  •  Create content  together with influencers
    “Who” creates this content? You don’t have to do all the work. Co-create content with people your audience trusts, people who have already built an audience that overlaps with yours. Collaborate with influencers.
  • Publish on other websites. create related video post  relevant  to other blogs and media sites. These could be alternate versions of  trending content you’ve curated  or created through a process of ethical content spinning. In each case, they should link back to the hub.
  • Content Collective Benefits: Attention and Retention
    When visitors come  to your site to learn about a topic, one article  may not be enough to satisfy them. But if they find themselves in a hub of content, they’ll dig deeper and increases the average time on site. Give them more and you’ve got a better chance of being top-of-mind when people think of the topic. Eventually, when people ask “Where was that site that had all that great information on how to do this or that?” …they’ll think of you and they’ll come back.

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